Fee-Only Comprehensive Financial Planning

We provide analysis of all aspects of a client’s finances and design a plan to address needs and goals within the context of their life. Since we only work for our clients (not bloated investment companies) we are able to impartially evaluate and recommend a sound plan of action in order to achieve the financial goals our clients want and deserve. We custody our client’s assets at a custodian that does not sell products nor push proprietary funds. Our clients best interests is our only focus.

Investment Management & Portfolio Design

Through our adherence to the fiduciary obligation, which requires us to place our clients needs ahead of our own, we can design a portfolio that meets your needs, instead of our sales quotas. We work to create portfolios that minimize fees and expenses while maximizing growth and tax-efficiency. We assist people looking for guidance and security that their finances are handled with attention to the best way to grow for their specific financial plan.

Social Security Strategic Claiming

At Saltwater Harbor Financial we specialize in the delivering of effective Fee-Only financial planning that among other things, has the potential to maximize the lifetime amount of Social Security that a household can claim. The fear of filing for social security at the wrong time can be very real, as the average household’s loss is over $100,000.00. We work to keep your finances safe when facing these decisions and can provide guidance and solutions to remedy this issue.

Strategic Tax Planning

We offer expert analysis and design of strategies utilizing the Internal Revenue Code so that our clients pay the lowest legal amount of taxes and receive the full benefit of those provisions.

Estate Planning

We work in conjunction with your attorney, or one that we can help you select, to create an estate plan that will not only honor your memory but also make the most efficient use of your resources. The design and use of a plan that is in compliance with current tax provisions and estate law will decrease the cost and time associated with the use of the probate system or other inefficient methods of property transfer.