Welcome Home!  Home Building Estimates is fresh, smart and innovative.  We know that makes this important company sound like a midseason replacement on the BRAVO network, but what can we do, it is all true!  Imagine if you had someone who cared as much about you building the right house as Saltwater Harbor Financial cares about planning your future?  We found this great company when we were looking for resources to recommend to our clients who are looking for homes.  If you know anything about Saltwater Harbor Financial, you know the drill, we do NOT accept any kickbacks, commissions or incentives for telling you about what is best for you.  If we were for sale, we would not be in business and if Home Building Estimates were for sale they would not be promoted on this page.  With that in mind, we welcomed this enlightened business to the exclusive club known as The Saltwater Harbor Community once we found out they put the clients first and don’t do business with anyone who does not.  In a world of salesmen it is nice to have someone looking out for you… Trust us, we have built a business and been feeding our family on the same belief.

In the Saltwater Harbor Community, we know you need a strong foundation for both a house and a business… We Grow Together™

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